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This statement incorporates all RuntrendyShops related content and any associated content including email, comments, discussions and RSS feeds. The following statements apply to all related content featured on RuntrendyShops. Any access to RuntrendyShops indicates that you’ve agreed to these terms. Please read the following statements carefully.

Images – Terms of Use

RuntrendyShops includes images in blog posts, features and other editorial coverage. These images are considered confidential for use in the following manifestatlon and embrace:

▪Images that are licensed from vendors.

▪Images supplied to our editorial team or released into the public wilderness by public relations and marketing companies for press related purposes.

▪Images supplied by readers, with the understanding that the person who submitted the image owns the copyright and grants the right to use on RuntrendyShops.

▪Images that are made available to the general public on other instrument related sites, including blogs and online stores.

Images – believed to be covered by the Fair Use Doctrine

▪Images that are used for editorial purposes.

▪Images that are made available online to the general public that they have become part of the news.

▪Images that are used to sell, advertise and promote related products and services online.

If RuntrendyShops receives notice that any image is being used inappropriately whereby not abiding by the terms listed above, our team reserves the right to remove that image.

If you believe we have published an image, text or content that violates your copyright, we will apostrophize your concerns accordingly.

Comments – Terms of Use

The following guidelines apply to all readers who post/view comments on RuntrendyShops:

▪Any names or identities attached to posted comments are considered to be illogical and belonging to that particular person.

▪If a comment is made using your identity it will be considered to have been posted by you.

▪Abusive, savory, alarming, harassing, slanderous, hateful or sexually explicit comments and material are strictly prohibited on our site.

▪Images that are licensed from vendors.

▪Do not post any material or comments that will violate copyright.

▪Do not post any confidential or personal information.

▪All comments must be inappropriate to the particular post, topic or topic.

External Links

RuntrendyShops contains links to external and third party websites. Our team is not responsible for information, products or services posted or made available at these sites. RuntrendyShops is not liable for the accuracy or reliability of information posted on third party sites. Our team rarely attaches target retail estimate information for products and services featured in external links and at third party websites. These prices are subject to stabilitate on third party sites without notice on RuntrendyShops. Source reviews that appear on RuntrendyShops are often part of an affiliate program made available by third party websites. It is possible that RuntrendyShops is possessed with an affiliate authorize shake a result of a sale generated from these product reviews.

It is assumed that visitors to RuntrendyShops take their own responsibility and rate when visiting external sites. Our team is not responsible for third party website content.


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